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DEXTER’s Kill Bag and Tools (Custom Prop Replica)

Only yesterday I posted a tweet wondering if there is a prop replica of Dexter’s weapons. The answer to that is a resounding no, at least not officially.

However, if you’re really really keen, and really really cashed up, that doesn’t mean you can’t unofficially create a replica of Dexter’s famous kill bag and tools.

A user over at by the very apt nickname of Dark Passenger has painstakingly (and much to our appreciation) examined screen-shots from Showtime’s hit show to try and put together a list of the items you’d need to buy in order to create your own prop replica of Dexter’s Kill Bag and the weapons in it.

See the actual prop in this on-set presentation (at the 0.57 mark):


Note that replicating Dexter’s kill bag and tools is a little easier said than done. Aside from the fact that to collect each knife in it adds up to quite a few dollars, there are also a few irregularities that exist from season to season that make creating an exact replica that much more difficult. One example is the fact that Dexter’s kill bag hasn’t always been identical. It changes from season 1 to the one he uses now. The order in which his knives are put in his bag has changed at times too.

Another difficulty is that Dexter’s kill knife is actually a custom prop made for the series, while one of his knives appears to be a modified commercially available scapula. Still, thanks to the efforts of a few users (specific mention to DarkPassenger and DrewSmith007), die-hard prop replica fans can now replicate Dexter’s bag of tricks with close to 100% accuracy.

So let’s get to it. Here’s the list Dark Passenger has created, with links to where you can view or buy the item, to help you build your custom Dexter kill bag prop replica.

First, again thanks to Dark Passenger, here’s an inside look at Dexter’s tool bag with the weapons (listed below) shown in numbered order. The numbers correspond to the list below.

Dexter’s Kill Bag (a Messermeister 12-Pocket Knife Roll, Black) $40

The Tools (in order):

1. Thermo Scientific Shandon Rachiotomy Bone Saw (rare, 9.5″ in length with a 5″ blade) 
No link to purchase this item yet. Thermo Scientific advise it is a discontinued item, hence it is very rare.

A reasonable replacement item (at this time) is this Post Mortem Bone Saw $62:

2. Global 10-Inch Spatula $95
Note: The Dexter knife has been modified and cut from this to form a curved filet knife. To replicate the knife in the series you’d need to buy this and have it professionally cut.

3. Mundial Future 8-Inch Stainless-Steel Chef’s Knife $46

4. Mundial Future 8-Inch Stainless-Steel Bread Knife with Serrated Edge $40

5. Mundial Future 6-1/2-Inch Stainless-Steel Cleaver $42

6. Dexter’s Kill Knife – a Custom Prop $120

7. Mundial Future 6-Inch Stainless-Steel Flexible Boning Knife $34

8. Mundial Future 6-Inch Stainless-Steel Chef’s Knife $40

9. Messermeister 10-Inch Poultry Shears $35

10. Large Bone Saw $118

So that’s the best I can post for now about how to set up a custom Dexter Kill Bag with Tools prop replica. Remember, the source of all this info is a brilliant thread over so you should pay the thread creator and site some love by visiting there. I’ll be checking back, hoping to find out more on how to make this set up an even more precise prop replica.

Note: The prices I’ve included are based on the best prices I could find at the time of writing. These may change, but overall they indicate you’ll be looking at $700+ to set up this Dexter custom prop replica.

Finally, a prop researcher by the name of Brian McGee has created a list on Amazon of available items. You can view the whole list at the link below:

List of DEXTER Morgan’s Kill Tools on Amazon