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Wearable Wolverine Claws Prop Replica

A set of wearable Wolverine claws made from high quality resin have been made available.

I don’t know much about the actual quality of these, but from the image they look pretty cool. And at a BIN of US $69.99 that’s not too pricey either.

They’re also a limited edition item as the poster says not many have been made. 

See a couple more images at the link below:

Wearable Wolverine Claws on Ebay

WOLVERINE Claws Prop Replica

It’s one thing to have a Life Size Prop Replica of Wolverine’s Claws in a Display Case and another entirely to be able to wear the claws!

So check out these Wolverine Claws which are up for sale on Ebay.

The seller advises they are made of a very strong plexiglass, are well carved, are sanded and painted with metallic color paint.

Dimensions: They have a 2.5 X .5 Inch grip, 11″ long, 1″ wide and 1/4 inch thick. Strong and thin.

One size apparently fits all.

I’m guessing these are not official Wolverine Claws but that doesn’t mean they won’t be awesome to own. I’m thinking the seller either purchased them or made them himself. He may even be the same person demonstrating his plexiglass Wolverine-claw making work here on The RPF Forum.

Either way, these are supposedly a Limited Edition item and look pretty cool for $98.95.

Check them out at the link below:

Plexiglass Wearable WOLVERINE Claws (on Ebay)

Updated link below: 

Wolverine Claws Prop Replica (on Ebay for $59.98)

Life Size Skeletal WOLVERINE Claws Prop Replica (Diamond Select & Industrial Zoo)

Back in 2003 Diamond Select and Industrial Zoo released 2,500 Limited Edition life sized prop replica’s of Wolverine’s claws attached to a skeleton forearm.

The claws and skeleton parts, measuring over 2 feet, were made of real metal, came fully assembled and painted, and were featured inside a neat clear plexi-glass tube display case.

The original piece also came in a styrofoam packing box together with an officially licensed Certificate of Authenticity.

It’s a pretty cool item and typically these are a rare find since they sold out many years ago, but right now there’s actually a handful of them going for auction on Ebay.

If you want a chance to get one, here’s a few links to check out (but when you do, be sure to read full details on the item as some are in better condition than others!):

Life Size Skeletal WOLVERINE Claws Prop Replica (on Ebay for $999.99)