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V for Vendetta Dagger Prop Replica by NECA

NECA’s V for Vendetta Dagger Prop Replica is a limited edition movie knife collectible based on the awesome V for Vendetta film (you know the one, the film that gave a meaning to the mask commonly seen at many demonstrations around the world these days). The film was based on the graphic novel of the same name, so this is also (technically) a great comic collectible too.

It’s limited to 1,500 pieces worldwide.

This is a full size dagger prop replica that measures 15 1/2-inches long.

Comes in a beautiful 18-inch shadowbox with a name plaque. 

Definitely a great addition to any movie weapon collection and a bargain at only $82.99. 

Get it at the link below:

Order V for Vendetta Dagger Prop Replica from Entertainment Earth! 

Note: I previously posted information about the NECA V for Vendetta dagger prop replica here. I’m posting again as these are becoming hard to get and the link above relates to a hot off the truck item at EE.

V FOR VENDETTA Dagger Prop Replica (NECA)

Occasionally a prop replica gets released that from the moment you lay eyes upon it you really, really want it worse than anything else in the world. Actually that happens more than occasionally, but anyway…

As a big fan of V FOR VENDETTA, that’s how I felt the moment I saw this NECA (National Entertainment Collectibles Association) prop replica of V’s Dagger.

Unfortunately my initial enthusiasm was dampened (perhaps ‘shattered’ is a better word) by the fact that most people who purchased this weren’t very happy with it. Yes, it looks awesome in the above image, but ultimately the two biggest gripes from owners are 1) it’s a resin dagger rather than a real high-carbon steel one, and 2) the mold is often bent and not straight at all. 

I can handle the fact that it’s a resin mold and that it’s a display only replica, but what puts me off more than anything is the fact that it is reportedly not straight. Fire away in the comment section below if your experience of owning one is different to what I’ve heard, but for now I’m going to pass on this, sadly.

All that said, if you’re a V fan and you want this despite what some collector’s have said, you’ll be lucky to find it. NECA’s Dagger was a limited edition of only 1,500 pieces that are now very difficult to find. I couldn’t find any on eBay, but I did find one on Amazon: 

V For Vendetta Dagger Prop Replica (on Amazon) $79.99

I also noticed Entertainment Earth have it listed as “Out of Stock” but are also advertising you can pre-order it. I’m not sure how they can allow that since it’s a Limited Edition item that’s all gone, but if you’re game, here’s the link: 

Order V for Vendetta Dagger Prop Replica (from Entertainment Earth)