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STAR TREK VI Electronic Klingon Beak Nose Disruptor (Diamond Select)

If you’re keen to lay your hands on a STAR TREK VI Klingon Beak Nose Disruptor you’ve probably found it pretty hard to do. Roddenberry’s Klingon Beak Nose Disruptor is now sold out from most sources, though Secret Compass Collectibles still have one in stock (as at the timing of this post) for a price of $279.95 (not bad, considering the original price was $299).

But if a little less expenditure is your thing, say in the area of $50 or so, you might want to check out Diamond Select’s new Klingon Beak Nose Disruptor.

Sure, it’s not a hand painted resin prop replica like Roddenberry’s version, but it is still pretty cool looking. It’s also 1:1 scale and designed for role play which, to be fair, you wouldn’t want to do with Roddenberry’s Disruptor. It also has electronic sounds and lights to go with the role play experience.

You can pre-order these right now.

The best price I’ve found is via Entertainment Earth, with Amazon having them listed only slightly dearer. The links you need are below: 

Star Trek Klingon Disruptor Gun Prop Replica (Diamond Select) via Entertainment Earth $49.99

Star Trek Klingon Disruptor Gun Prop Replica (Diamond Select) via Amazon $54.99

STAR TREK Klingon Beak Nose Disruptor Prop Replica

 This STAR TREK weapon reproduction is made in the USA by Roddenberry.

This prop is constructed of Resin, is a 1:1 scale replica, and is fully hand-painted.

The Klingon Beak Nose Disruptor has been seen in The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

Requires no assembly or painting.

The custom display stand is included. 

Available for $299.99 from Entertainment Earth here:

Star Trek Klingon Beak Nose Disruptor Prop Replica from Entertainment Earth

STAR TREK Starfleet Assault Phaser Prop Replica (Roddenberry)

My favorite of the upcoming Roddenberry releases of STAR TREK phaser guns is the Star Trek: Enterprise Phase Pistol, but this Star Trek Starfleet Assault Phaser Prop Replica comes a close second.

It’s a 1:1 scale prop replica based on the phaser from STAR TREK V: THE FINAL FRONTIER and STAR TREK VI: THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY and it’ll become available in January 2012.

Features a removable energy-cell mag (power clip), 3 LED light effects, an on/off switch with “power on” sound effects, a sliding pistol hood, rapid fire.

Each pistol comes with an individually numbered Starfleet ID plate and a Certificate of Authenticity. Roddenberry aren’t specifying that it’s a limited edition weapon replica but given the numbering and authenticity certificate I’m going to assume it is.

It’ll set you back $699.99 (the same price as the Phase Pistol). The link to check it out is below:

STAR TREK Starfleet Assault Phaser Prop Replica (on Entertainment Earth).