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Limited Edition LOST IN SPACE Laser Pistol Prop Replica (Bill Mumy Signature Series)

LOST IN SPACE Bill Mumy Signed Laser Pistol Prop Weapon Replica

Check out this uber-cool life-size replica of the Laser Pistol from the very first season of the television series Lost in Space.

Released by Sci-Fi Metropolis to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Lost in Space.

Limited edition of only 250 pieces.

This is a 1:1 scale replica crafted by the legendary prop master Richard Coyle.

Further, as a “signature series” release the pistol comes with a custom plaque signed and number by Bill Mumy, star of the original series. Bill Mumy played Will Robinson on the show.


  • Full life-size 1:1 scale prop weapon replica
  • Sound effects taken directly out of the original series
  • Updated lighting effects
  • Custom plaque signed and numbered by Bill Mumy
  • Measures 20-inches wide x 13-inches tall x 5-inches long
  • Hand-crafted in the USA.

This awesomly detailed weapon replica becomes available in March 2013, but can be ordered now.

Links to get one are below (prices vary): 

Limited Edition LOST IN SPACE Bill Mumy Signature Series Laser Pistol Prop Replica (via Entertainment Earth)

Limited Edition LOST IN SPACE Bill Mumy Signature Series Laser Pistol Prop Replica (via Amazon)

Limited Edition LOST IN SPACE Bill Mumy Signature Series Laser Pistol Prop Replica (via Ebay)

LOGAN’S RUN Sandman Gun Prop Replica (Richard Coyle)


This is a highly sought after prop replica of the Sandman Gun from director Michael Anderson’s 1976 sci-fi film Logan’s Run.

Assembled and finished by renowned prop maker Richard A. Coyle, this original Logan’s Run Sandman Gun was crafted using a real copy of the Sandman blaster prop used in the film with detail based on extensive photo studies of frames from the film.

It has all the correct features, detailing and paint scheme of the real film prop and is constructed of top quality materials.

This prop comes with an 8MM copy of the movie plus a brochure.

Also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Richard A. Coyle.

This is a serious collector’s prop replica weapon that is extremely rare. Only one is for sale on Ebay right now. Price is $970, although the seller is willing to accept offers.

The link you need to check out the sale listing is below: 

LOGAN’S RUN Sandman Gun Prop Replica (Ebay)

Richard Coyle BLADE RUNNER M2019 CNC Blaster Prop Replica (Rare)

If you’re a serious Blade Runner fan this collectible is beyond question one of the best around.

This is a rare, unopened CS&T All-Metal Worldcon (2010) Blade Runner M2019 CNC Blaster Prop Replica. So even though it’s second hand, because it is unopened it is basically new.

What makes this particularly special is that although it is a limited edition item of only 500 pieces (as per the plaque), this particular one falls into a sub-category where it’s technically a limited edition item of only 80 pieces. The reason is it was supplied to the seller directly by the craftsmen Richard Coyle himself who only made 80 of the 2010 models.

So this is technically No. #6 of a Limited Run of 80 – that makes it rare indeed. 

One of my favorite Blade Runner blasters is the Limited Edition Off World Manufacturing Deluxe M2019 CNC, but it’s true to say this one is definitely a notch above for screen accuracy and quality of materials. Whereas most M2019 CNC blasters have a good deal of plastic in their construction, this Coyle blaster is mostly made from metal.

If you didn’t already know, Richard Coyle is a master Prop Replica craftsmen who has made props for many films including Star Trek II, IV, V, VI.

This is the screen accurate version of the blaster with the proper screw instead of the weaver knob and wires hidden as they are on screen.

The rear trigger is functional as are all red and green LEDs.

Note that this is the only Blade Runner M2019 CNC Blaster Prop Replica with working green LEDs and molded off a real bulldog frame and receiver (the original prop was partially built from a real bulldog gun.)

It has non-functional .44 shells, and a true .44 bore barrel just like the original prop.

The barrel is filled 40% of the way with pewter to comply with gun laws, has no firing pin, etc.

This is a hand made blaster made by Richard Coyle. Each of the 80 blaster replicas he made reportedly took an entire week to finish (so as you can see, the Limited Edition run of 500 are not all the same, otherwise Coyle would have been working for a decade to make them!). That’s why these are the 2010 models, while the 2011 models make up the remainder (as he had additional help to complete them and they were no longer entirely hand crafted by Coyle).

How do you know this to be true? Because the sale of this prop replica includes a printout of an email from Coyle confirming it was made before Coyle brought on help to finish off his blasters, and a copy of the original receipt minus the dollar amount.

This is the most sought after Blade Runner Blaster prop replica on the market.

The blaster comes with a plexiglass display stand and plaque stating it’s blaster #6 of the CS&T “All Metal” Worldcon 2010 model.

Did you know the blaster it is modeled on sold for $225,000!

That makes the sale price on this model pretty low, at $1,790.

See more images, learn more, contact the seller, or buy this bad boy for yourself at the link below:

Richard Coyle Blade Runner Blaster Prop Replica (via Ebay, $1,790)