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Rare MEN IN BLACK II Noisy Cricket Prop Replica (Unobtanium)


If you’re looking for a rare and elusive replica movie weapon this one is it.

It’s the Unobtainium manufactured limited edition Noisy Cricket from Men in Black II.

Unobtainium was a company started by industry insider professionals whose main aim was to bring only the highest quality movie prop replicas to the public. They obtained official licenses to release replicas from Men in Black II, Star Trek, Spiderman and more, yet despite their undeniable high quality work they ended up closing their doors and shutting down their operation.

Before they did go under they began work on producing a limited edition run of the Noisy Cricket gun, Agent J’s personal sidearm from MIB II. It was released in 2002.

The Noisy Cricket replia was to be a limited edition run of 2,500 pieces. Information is scant on how many pieces they actually produced. Some say only 250, others say in the area of 800. Consensus seems to be the truth is more in the 1,200-1,500 area. Either way, the result is the Unobtainium Noisy Cricket is now one of those high quality movie prop replicas that is considered rare and highly sought after by collectors and MIB fans alike.

Features of the Noisy Cricket:

  • life-size (modeled to the correct size of the weapon that appears in MIB II)
  • body is aluminium
  • grip is rubber
  • includes a working trigger that illuminates the cylinder and has a spring loaded hammer.
  • included a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) from Amblin Entertainment and Columbia Pictures
  • shipped with a clear lucite display stand and black mirror-finish display base 
  • numbered plaque
  • came in an original Unobtainium box decal
  • requires two CR1220 coin cell batteries
  • less than 1,500 believed to be in existence


This is Unobtainium’s original sales blurb:

Working closely with the studio, our engineers were given access to the actual props used in the production of MIB II. Having a direct, hands-on study of that which was used on film has insured that each and every replica offered by Unobtainium Ltd. is a beautiful recreation of its screen-used counterpart.

Manufactured of high grade, computer-machined aluminium, each piece ships with a custom presentation box and Certificate of Authenticity.

The otherworldly green glow of the Cricket’s power core is activated with a simple pull of the trigger. Limited to a production of only 2,500 pieces world-wide.

Check out the Noisy Cricket replica in action:


At the time of writing this post one of these highly sought after collectibles has been put up for sale by a vendor on Ebay. The price asked is $349.

If you want it you’ll have to move fast as these replicas never fail to sell. 

The link you need to check it out and/or get it for yourself is below: 

Unobtainium MEN IN BLACK II Noisy Cricket Prop Replica (via Ebay)

Limited Edition MEN IN BLACK II Neuralyzer Prop Replica (Factory Entertainment)



This is Factory Entertainment’s Limited Edition (of 1500) prop replica of the Neuralyzer from Men in Black II.

It’s an authentic prop replica having been based on the original props. Sony Pictures provided Factory Entertainment several of the surviving original props from their archive so that they could be carefully studied, scanned and measured.

This replica has extremely accurate details and features plus a number of added functions and features that were seen on screen but were not actually part of any physical prop.


  • audio from the original studio recordings that has been digitally enhanced for additional clarity
  • a high quality display base, acrylic stand and acrylic cover
  • detailed prop story booklet
  • certificate of authenticity
  • set of instructions.

All 1,500 Neuralyzer prop replica’s include a numbered plaque that details its edition number, provenance and authenticity.

Each Neuralyzer replica is supplied boxed in MIB II presentation packaging suitable for archival or display.

These are now sold out from many sources but you can still get one brand new via Factory Entertainment, a number of vendors on Ebay, or via Entertainment Earth at the links below (prices vary): 

Limited Edition MEN IN BLACK II Neuralyzer Prop Replica (Factory Entertainment on Amazon)

Limited Edition MEN IN BLACK II Neuralyzer Prop Replica (via Ebay)

Limited Edition MEN IN BLACK II Neuralyzer Prop Replica (via Entertainment Earth)

Limited Edition MEN IN BLACK J2 Standard Issue Agent Sidearm Prop Replica (Factory Entertainment)

MEN IN BLACK J2 Standard Issue Agent Sidearm Prop Weapon Replica Factory Entertainment

One of the sleekest looking prop replica weapons is the J2 or “J-Gun’ prop replica from Men in Black.

Made by Factory Entertainment, this cool looking high-quality pistol replica is a limited edition item of 1,000 pieces.


  • High-quality, die-cast and machined metal components that are either polished or plated
  • Full life-size 1:1 scale
  • Sound effects using the original studio tracks from the Men in Black films
  • Lighting effects including LED barrel illumination, a firing flash, and a red and green safety indicator
  • Comes with a museum quality display stand with acrylic cover
  • A numbered limited edition plaque
  • Certificate of Authenticity with detailed prop story booklet
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries, which are included


This is iconic weapon is carried by everyone from Will Smith’s Agent J to Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K. No Agent is safe from hostile or dangerous aliens in the world of the Men in Black movie series without carrying one of these J2 Standard Issue Agent Sidearms. 

The J2 is a scaled prop replica made with incredibly authentic detail based on exhaustive and careful study of the original props.




Check out Factory Entertainment’s video demonstration of the J2:


Truly this is one amazing replica weapon for any collection!

Available for order from the following vendors (prices vary): 

Limited Edition MEN IN BLACK J2 Standard Issue Agent Sidearm Prop Replica (via Entertainment Earth)

Limited Edition MEN IN BLACK J2 Standard Issue Agent Sidearm Prop Replica (via Amazon)

Limited Edition MEN IN BLACK J2 Standard Issue Agent Sidearm Prop Replica (via Ebay)