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BLADE MAC 11 Replica Weapon Kit

BLADE Movie Mac 11 Replica Weapon

Early on in the first Blade movie Wesley Snipes is seen brandishing his modified MAC 11. He is also seen handing the weapon to Whistler

The MAC 11 is a modified sub-machine gun that, well, if Blade likes it then so do we.

Check him out in the film wielding it:

Wesley Snipes as BLADE with his Mac 11 Firearm


If you want to add one of these to your collection you can.

Right now there’s a replica of this pistol available in kit form for $110.

Writes the seller:

  • Comes with 3 parts, the Mac 11 body, the Add On Upper Barrel, and the Add On Lower Barrel
  • This kit is made from high quality black resin, with no fillers
  • It’s a very simple kit for anyone familiar with working with resin kits
  • Comes with a detailed instructions sheet, and a link to a website with a step by step photo tutorial on completing the kit

Note: This is a solid resin kit, and cannot be converted to chamber or fire live ammunition.

If you want to snap it up for yourself, check out the sale page at the link below: 

BLADE MAC 11 Replica Weapon Kit (via Ebay)

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Colonial Blaster Prop Replica

Here’s a great opportunity.

You may already know that for $89.88 you can purchase (from Amazon) a BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Colonial Warrior Blaster Prop Replica Kit. It’s a kit that enables you to build a resin cast prop replica of the Colonial Blaster as seen in the original Battlestar Galactica TV series.

A fan has assembled the kit, finished it with several thin layers of paint in which each layer was wetsanded with a high grit sand paper, and now put it up for auction on Ebay. Although made from a kit, given this is personally painted and finished I’m going to say its a one-of-a-kind.

The starting bid is at $99.99, but if you want a cool looking Colonial Blaster without all the work of doing it yourself, this is your chance.

The link you need is below: 

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Colonial Blaster Prop Replica (auction on Ebay)

BABYLON 5 Earthforce Phased Plasma Gun (PPG) Prop Replica (Nicksdad)

Check out this beautiful shot of a BABYLON 5 Earthforce Phased Plasma Gun (PPG) prop replica.

The shot comes from TheRPF.com user C0mmand3rC0dy who put it up there for sale for $350 (it sold fast, as would be expected).

This weapon replica was originally a custom run kit by Nicksdad.

The gun is an all aluminum construction comprised of 17 machined components. Each component is secured with screws. Also boasts Pachmayr S&W “J” round frame handgun grips.

Add to that electronics (LED activated by trigger) and an Uncle Mike’s “Sidekick” hip holster.

I had to post the shot above as I sat and stared at it for around half an hour in a mixture of prop replica joygasm and complete “I missed out on getting it” sadness.

It’s a thing of beauty and a rare piece to find. 

FARSCAPE Peacekeeper Pulse Pistol Prop Replica

One of my favorite all-time sci-fi TV Series is FARSCAPE, so I have a particular fond spot for this exact replica of the Peacekeeper Pulse Pistol.

Note that the Farscape Pulse Pistol pictured above is a finished build. The actual gun prop replica comes as an unassembled white-resin kit (inside a box that depicts the finished gun). The kit includes full instructions as well as an optional side scope attachment.

It is 1:1 scale made from casts of actual screen-used prop weapons.

Since these are resin kits, a little kit building experience is helpful for assembling and finishing the prop, although it is not absolutely necessary as these aren’t terribly involved. You’ll want to paint the gun and, if you’re a fan of Winona (John Crichton’s personal pulse pistol) then you’ll want to paint it black, no doubt.

At the time of this post one fan has already built the kit, painted it black, and put it up for sale on Ebay. Take a look:

If you want a shot at owning that (and thereby skip the kit building process), here’s the link you need:

FARSCAPE Pulse Pistol (Assembled, Black) on Ebay ($99.99)

If you want to get it brand new in kit form (or just see more images), here’s the link you need:

FARSCAPE Pulse Pistol (New, Kit Form, Unassembled) on Ebay (bid only)