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STAR WARS ANH Han Solo DL44 Blaster Movie Prop Replica

Here’s a nice 1:1 scale prop replica of Han Solo’s DL44 Blaster up for sale on Ebay.

It’s an individually customized version of the Rubies Han Solo DL44 Blaster Prop Replica. Those Rubies blaster replicas are hard to find, it seems, but to give you an idea this blaster originally looked something like this:

You can also get check out the Rubies Han Solo Blaster Replica on Amazon (which is possibly what this mod was created from). You can pick one of those up for only $12!

So as you can see, this is a really great looking mod compared to the original!

The seller advises the blaster includes extra pieces that were not on the original prop to give it a more realistic look. That includes additional custom scope pieces (and retains the original electronic movie sound effects).

The original Rubies prop replica has been completely refinished, sanded, has multiple coats of paint, has been weathered, clear coated, and also weighted to match a stunt pistol (not as heavy as a hero prop though).

It was also finished by a professional prop builder.

Since this is a Rubies prop that has been individualized, it is a one of a kind Han Solo Blaster!

It also comes with an exclusive 2.65″ X 4″ fully laminated Blaster permit as a FREE Bonus (sized to fit as a nice display piece or to be carried in your wallet).

This is a great deal at only $89.95! The link you need is below:

STAR WARS ANH Han Solo DL44 Blaster Movie Prop Replica

STAR WARS EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE Han Solo Blaster Prop Replica (Rare Master Replica’s Prototype)

STAR WARS fans! This is easily the best prop replica collectible I’ve posted since we launched the site. 

On Australian Ebay (but available for purchase worldwide) is a Super Rare PROTOTYPE 1:1 scale STAR WARS EPISODE IV – A NEW HOPE DL 44 Han Solo Blaster Prop Replica by Master Replicas.

It is one of the first Star Wars props Master Replicas released and now a mega-rare collectible.

Apparently these Han Solo Blaster Prototypes were ONLY released to members of the Master Replicas board of directors. I’ve marked this as a “one-of-a-kind” because while only 3 of these are known to exist the current owner states it may even be the only complete one because some Prototypes did not come with display cases or paperwork. This one is complete and Guaranteed an original!

This very first Master Replicas Blaster is the holy grail of Han Solo Blaster’s as being a prototype it is basically in a class of its own.

Recreated from original Lucasfilm archival materials, including a detailed examination of the original filming prop, this replica is identical in every respect to the Blaster Han Solo uses onscreen in STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE.

Hand assembled from machin