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FRIDAY THE 13TH Jason Voorhees Hockey Mask (NECA)

Okay, I know this replica of the Jason Voorhees Hockey Mask from FRIDAY THE 13TH isn’t a weapon (unless you want to think of it as a weapon of fear), but after posting NECA’s FRIDAY THE 13TH Machete Prop Replica I felt compelled to post this little add on replica. After all, you still want to run around the street scaring your neighbors, right?

Like NECA’s machete, this mask is made from the actual prop (from the 2009 FRIDAY THE 13TH movie, that is). It comes complete with worn scratch marks and has eye and nose openings for easy breathing. There are smaller decorative holes along the forehead, sides, and mouth. There are also three red decorative marks on the forehead and cheeks.

While the machete is designed as a display piece only (though it’s also perfect as a mean looking costume addition), Jason’s mask actually comes with an elastic strap because it is designed to be worn.

NECA advertise this mask as something to stalk the children in their sleep with, but I wouldn’t recommend that unless you enjoy spending nights with actual psycho’s while cooling your heels behind bars. But that said, I also wouldn’t want to constrain your creativity, so I say buy the machete and the mask and have at ’em!

Get it via Amazon at the link below (who have only a few left at the time of posting this):

Neca Toys FRIDAY THE 13TH Jason Mask Prop Replica – $44.99 

But if you’re fast, you can get a perfect condition second hand one on Ebay via an auction. Starting bid is only $35, so you might snap it up cheaper than Amazon’s price. Link to the Ebay auction is below:

NECA FRIDAY THE 13TH Jason Mask Prop Replica Auction on Ebay

FRIDAY THE 13TH Machete Prop Replica (NECA)

So you don’t want to wait until Halloween next year to scare the crap out of your neighbors? Then try wandering around with this prop replica of Jason Voorhees’ Machete from the 2009 film FRIDAY THE 13TH. That ought to do it.

This bad boy measures 3 feet and is constructed from metal and wood. 

It’s another fine replica movie weapon from NECA (National Entertainment Collectibles Assocation) who have spared no expense on recreating the actual weight and feel of Voorhees’ weapon from the popular horror film. 

It is cast from a mold of the original prop used in FRIDAY THE 13TH (2009).

You’ll look scary and dangerous but you won’t actually be that dangerous; this machete replica is not a toy. It also isn’t sharpened (the blade is blunt) and, more to the point, it’s not made for real use. That’s right – unfortunately this will let you down if you’re an aspiring undead killer because it’s a machete prop replica made for display purposes only. But it still looks awesome, right?!

I’ve noticed these have been selling out around town pretty fast and seem to range a fair bit in price, so you’ll probably want to hurry if you want one at a decent price. 

As of this post, there’s just one left at Entertainment Earth and it’s the cheapest one I could find. The link you need for that is below:

Friday the 13th Machete Replica (last one at Entertainment Earth – $139.99)

There’s one on Ebay with a Buy It Now price of $149.99, which is also pretty good. Link for that is below (note: there’s only 1 available there too):

FRIDAY THE 13TH Machete Prop Replica on Ebay

There are only four left at Amazon. Not as cheap as EE’s or the one on Ebay, but still not a bad price. The link you need for those are below: 

Friday The 13th (2009) – Jason’s Machete Replica (on Amazon – $169.99)