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GREEN LANTERN Power Ring Prop Replica (DC Direct)

The DC Direct GREEN LANTERN Power Ring Prop Replica – based on the ring worn in the film by Ryan Reynolds – is a Limited Edition item of only 4,000 pieces worldwide.

This prop replica was cast using the actual ring in the film.

Features a distressed metal band and a translucent green faux crystal.

Comes packaged in a two-part box foil-stamped with the Green Lantern movie logo and with protective foam inside.

I’m guessing this will be a rare find in the future since it seems to be selling out fast.


I previously posted links to actual versions of this that were for sale on Amazon and Ebay, but they are not sold out. The link below will take you to search results on Ebay. At the time of posting there were a number of these rings still available for auction: 

Green Lantern Power Ring – DC Direct Prop Replica on Ebay

THE DARK KNIGHT Batarang Prop Replica (DC Direct)

When it comes to prop replica’s of the Batarang’s from Christopher Nolan’s BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT, I can’t say I’ve been terribly impressed by any of them.

My personal preference is to lean towards Noble Collections’ THE DARK KNIGHT Batarang and display, mainly because it looks like a cleaner product to my eyes and isn’t that expensive (but it’s not a limited edition).

Then there’s DC Comics’ release (pictured above). Their Batarang replicas (also from THE DARK KNIGHT) are a Limited Edition of 1,500.

This release was cast from the actual props (so are actual sized) and are individually hand-painted. They come mounted on a display base and measure approximately 5” high x 5”deep x 7.5” wide.

As with nearly all Limited Edition release it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Released in 2008 you can still buy them now with a few still left on Amazon. Here’s the link you need:

THE DARK KNIGHT Batarangs Prop Replica (DC Comics on Amazon)