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Folding BATMAN (1989) Batarang Prop Replica

BATMAN 1989 Batarang Prop Replica

This is a resin replica of the Batarang as seen in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman.

It has been put up for auction by a seller in the UK who states that it is “working”. By that he means this:

Folds into 4 then ‘snaps’ open  with the aid of internal elastic (bungee cord). Works exactly like the ‘movie’ version with a smooth operation

Painted black with silver tips.

I have on further information on this, but it looks pretty sweet in the image above.

See a couple more images or put a bid in for yourself at the auction page link below: 

BATMAN (1989) Batarang Prop Replica (Ebay auction)

Limited Edition BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Batarang Full-Scale Prop Replica (Triforce)

BATMAN ARKHAM CITY Batarang Full-Scale Prop Replica Triforce

Introducing Master Replicas’ new limited edition life-size Batarang prop replica based on the Batman: Arkham City video game.

With a mere 750 of these becoming available world wide, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this going to become a major collector’s piece.

  • Full-scale prop replica of Batman’s Batarang from Arkham City.
  • Measures 22-inches tall and features working LED effects!
  • Masterfully sculpted, hand finished, and hand painted.
  • Limited edition of just 750 pieces!
  • Batarang is detachable

Entertainment Earth have these for $749.99, which is the best retail price I’ve found, however, one seller on Ebay is taking pre-orders at $725 (for only 2 lucky buyers), which is the cheapest price you’ll find (I’ve seen others get as high as $1000).

So here are those links: 

Limited Edition BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Batarang Full-Scale Prop Replica (via Ebay, $725)

Limited Edition BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Batarang Full-Scale Prop Replica (via EE, $749.99)

THE DARK KNIGHT Batarang Prop Replica (DC Direct)

When it comes to prop replica’s of the Batarang’s from Christopher Nolan’s BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT, I can’t say I’ve been terribly impressed by any of them.

My personal preference is to lean towards Noble Collections’ THE DARK KNIGHT Batarang and display, mainly because it looks like a cleaner product to my eyes and isn’t that expensive (but it’s not a limited edition).

Then there’s DC Comics’ release (pictured above). Their Batarang replicas (also from THE DARK KNIGHT) are a Limited Edition of 1,500.

This release was cast from the actual props (so are actual sized) and are individually hand-painted. They come mounted on a display base and measure approximately 5” high x 5”deep x 7.5” wide.

As with nearly all Limited Edition release it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Released in 2008 you can still buy them now with a few still left on Amazon. Here’s the link you need:

THE DARK KNIGHT Batarangs Prop Replica (DC Comics on Amazon)

BATMAN BEGINS Batarang Prop Replica (Diamond Select)

Diamond Select’s limited edition (of 1,500) prop replica of the Batarang from BATMAN BEGINS doesn’t look that great to me, though that could be thanks to their absolutely atrocious promotional image that makes it look warped and all over the place in design.

It’s marketed as “an authentic, life-sized movie replica” that comes “in an elegant black gift box with gold-foil stamping” and includes “a Certificate of Authenticity”.

Packaged: Measures 2″ x 11.5″ x 5.75″.

If you’re a serious Batman fan then you might be keen to get this, but I’m thinking this is only for serious fans who just have to have it all.

One reviewer on Amazon rated it 3/5 stars (but only 1/5 for fun) claiming:

…the item is a bit of a disappointment, it’s kinda small, and none of the batarangs are detachable which though not necessary, would be a nice little touch. The ends of the wings of the two small batarangs are a little uneven. It’s good but not great.

Still, if you want it, there’s apparently only two left on Amazon:

Limited Edition BATMAN BEGINS Batarang Prop Replica (on Amazon)

THE DARK KNIGHT Batarang Prop Replica with Display (The Noble Collection)

Check out this high grade replica of the Batarang from Christopher Nolan’s THE DARK KNIGHT.

Crafted by The Noble Collection based on the design in the film, this officially licensed replica measures 9-inches wide (including the display).

Looks pretty cool but I have to say no matter how I search I can’t seem to find a lot of information on what this is actually made out of or just how “high grade” it really is.

In any case, it’s generally priced around the $69 mark wherever you look:

THE DARK KNIGHT Batarang Prop Replica with Display (on Amazon) $68.99
THE DARK KNIGHT Batarang Prop Replica with Display (from Entertainment Earth) $68.99

You might save a handful of dollars if you can snap it up on auction at eBay:

THE DARK KNIGHT Batarang Prop Replica (on eBay) (bid level at time of post was $54.99)