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ALICE: MADNESS RETURNS Vorpal Blade Knife Prop Replica

Epic Weapons in collaboration with Electronic Arts have produced a perfect 1:1 scale replica of the Vorpal Blade from the video game ALICE: MADNESS RETURNS.

This is apparently a Limited Edition blade, but of how many I have no idea (if you know, post away in the comment section). If it’s anything like the sold out American McGees Commemorative Edition it will be limited to 1000 only, but that’s just my best guess.

In my opinion this is a much nicer prop replica than the commemorative edition, but like the commemorative edition it is also cast with the highest quality Japanese stainless steel with custom etched molds created to reflect the exact details of Alice’s primary weapon.

UPDATE: You can presently purchase this cheaper than anywhere else through Entertainment Earth at the link below:

ALICE: MADNESS RETURNS Vorpal Blade Replica (at Entertainment Earth for 84.99)!

Currently the Vorpal Blade is only available via Backorder at Sideshow Collectibles, obviously because it’s pretty popular, but at the time of writing this post you can still find it new on ebay at the link below (for the same price, which is $119.99):

ALICE: MADNESS RETURNS Vorpal Blade Knife 1:1 Prop Replica (on Ebay for $119.95).

Want it cheaper? I’ve found a second seller on Ebay who has it in a collector’s box for $99.95. That’s a damn bargain! Link for that below:

ALICE: MADNESS RETURNS Vorpal Blade Knife 1:1 Prop Replica (on Ebay for ONLY $99.95!)

Sideshow also recommend the Epic Weapons American McGees Alice Vorpal Blade Stand as a companion product to display your ALICE: MADNESS RETURNS Vorpal Knife. Image below:

I have no idea how well this stand works for the Madness Knife considering it is pictured with the American McGees version, but just from the image it looks like it’ll do the job just fine (hopefully).