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Life Size BIOSHOCK Infinite Sky-Hook Replica (NECA)

BIOSHOCK Infinite Sky Hook Replica (NECA)

Check out NECA’s BioShock Infinite Sky-Hook 1:1 Scale Replica.

The BioShock Infinite Sky-Hook is the main weapon and mode of transportation in the upcoming BioShock Infinite game (due for release March 26, 2013).

This is a life size replica made to reproduce exactly how the Sky-Hook would look if it were real.

It measures over 22″ in length and is nearly 11″ tall and features a motorized action that causes the gears and 3 hooks to spin when the trigger is squeezed, as you can see in the following demo video:


This replica is authentic to the game and includes a supportive arm brace and highly detailed engravings as well as all the screws, woodgrain, metal and leather textures. 

Comes packaged in securely in full color box.

You can pre-order it right now for $124.99 at the link below: 

Life Size BIOSHOCK Infinite Sky-Hook Replica by NECA (via Ebay, $124.99)