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37% Off the Art Asylum STAR TREK Original Series Phaser Prop Replica

Looking for a prop replica of the Star Trek Original Series Phaser? Then don’t look past this.

In terms of price, Art Asylum’s Star Trek Original Series Phaser Prop Replica (pictured above) is definitely now at the top of the list for best value for money Original Series phasers around. That’s because Amazon has knocked a whopping 37% off what they’ve got in stock! Once $199, you can get it right now for only $124.99. That’s an absolute bargain that I’ve been unable to find matched anywhere else and well worth it when you consider the fact that this particular phaser has long been out of production.

How accurate is this? Well, there’s usually a bit of a debate when it comes to the accuracy of Star Trek phaser prop replicas. Often there’s confusion between what is ‘screen accurate’ and what is ‘set accurate’. As in, what did it look like on set versus what did the phaser look like on screen.

In the case of Art Asylum’s phaser, there’s no debate that it is definitely set accurate since this exact prop replica was used as a prop in the Enterprise Season 4 Episode 18: In a Mirror Darkly.

Get it at the link below:

STAR TREK ORIGINAL SERIES Phaser Prop Replica (by Art Asylum, Amazon, $124.99)

Of course, there is also Buy It Now listing on Ebay for one of these at $109. The seller claims it is new and unopened, however no images have been uploaded. Still, if it’s legit, you may want to check it out by giving the Seller a message.

The link you need for that is here:

STAR TREK ORIGINAL SERIES Phaser Prop Replica (by Art Asylum, via Ebay, $109)