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TRON LEGACY Sam Flynn Deluxe Identity Disc Replica (Modified)

Ebay is an awesome source for finding rare one-of-a-kind custom prop replicas – usually made by the talented hands of a loving but also skilled fan – like this very cool customized TRON LEGACY Identity Disc based on the one used by Garrett Hedlund (as Sam Flynn) in the film.

This identity disc prop replica is an original toy disc that has been gutted with the original 7 LED’s removed and replaced with 64 super-bright LED’s. Not only that but new independent switches to control the LED’s have been installed. The first switch turns on the inner ring or the holographic emitter posts. The inner ring and the emitters do not run at the same time. The outer ring switch is placed at the natural spot to grab the ring so that it can be held and activated at the same time.

The disc is powered by 2 – 12volt batteries.

The seller has the disc up for auction. If you want a chance to win it or want to see more images, here’s the link you need:

TRON LEGACY Sam Flynn Modified Identity Disc Prop Replica (on Ebay)

If you want to know which toy identity disc this custom one is based upon, I’m guessing it’s theĀ TRON LEGACY Sam Flynn Deluxe Identity Disc Replica (available on sale right now at Entertainment Earth for only $14.00). Pictured below:

Finally, as I stated, you can find more than one modified identity disc on Ebay from time to time. The below links will show you what’s there now:

TRON LEGACY Identity Disc’s on Ebay