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THE EXPENDABLES Kunai Triple Throwing Knives Set

THE EXPENDABLES might have stolen 103 minutes of my life I’d like to buy back, but that doesn’t mean Jason Statham’s throwing knives from the movie aren’t worth owning.

These Kunai Triple Throwing Knifes are United Cutlery’s officially licensed replica of Jason Statham’s character Lee Christmas’ throwing knives, made as reproductions of the actual filming props.

All three knives are perfectly balanced throwing knives constructed of single pieces of anodized stainless steel.

The throwers measures 12-inches long and feature an anodized, double-edged, stainless-steel blade with a black cord-wrapped handle with finger hole.

Each reproduction weapon bears a laser-etched logo and includes a certificate of authenticity, as well as a custom nylon sheath with leg strap and belt for multiple carrying options.

They measure 12-inches long.

Who knows, we might see Statham throwing them again in the upcoming THE EXPENDABLES 2.

Get them for the low price of $27.99 at the link below:

THE EXPENDABLES Kunai Triple Throwing Knives Set at Entertainment Earth.