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THE EXPENDABLES 2 Toothpick Knife Prop Replica

The Legionnaire Bowie Knife isn’t the only Gil Hibben designed knife commissioned by Sylvester Stallone for the movie The Expendables 2

Stallone also had Hibben design the Toothpick Knife which you can now own yourself. Or at least, you can now preorder so that you can own it in January 2013 when it gets released.

The Expendables 2 Toothpick Knife Prop Replica is a full size prop replica measuring 17 1/2 inches in overall length.

It has an 11 7/8 inch long blade made out of high-quality stainless steel with a mirror-polished finish and solid black back.

The handle is constructed of black pakkawood and is accented with a mirror-finished guard and pommel.

The knife includes a classic leather belt sheath with stamped Hibben logo and certificate of authenticity.

Whether you’re a fan of the movie or not, these United Cutlery produced prop replica’s of Gil Hibben’s The Expendables 2 knives are cool as can be and quite nicely priced too. This one is a tad cheaper than the Legionnaire Bowie Knife if you get it from Entertainment Earth, who have it for $99.99. The link for that is below: 

The Expendables 2 Toothpick Knife Prop Replica (via Entertainment Earth, $99.99)

The Toothpick Knife is also available on Ebay, though you’ll pay more than you will at Entertainment Earth:

The Expendables 2 Toothpick Knife (via Ebay, $145)