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Rare JUDGE DREDD Lawgiver with Custom Book of Law

Judge Dredd fans take notice of this prop replica up for sale on Ebay in the UK.

It’s an exact custom 1:1 Hero Lawgiver prop replica of the gun used by Sylvester Stallone in the 1995 film JUDGE DREDD.

The seller claims the cast is the cleanest you will ever see and that it’s 100% functional (which, of course, doesn’t mean it’s 100% functional like the movie gun…just that it’s a functional prop where the slide racks every time the trigger is pulled and the magazine is removable).

The barrel in made of metal and all windows as well as the scope are glass inserts (not painted).

The paint job is also custom and matches the Hero version exactly.

The slide stays open as well.

The seller claims this is the nicest Lawgiver replica that has ever been offered on Ebay and he’s probably right. It’s certainly one of the best I’ve seen.

But it is a one-of-a-kind, so whoever snaps it up at $999.99 is going to be one lucky collector, especially since it comes with a custom made screen accurate BOOK OF LAW.

The link you need to get it is below:

JUDGE DREDD Hero Lawgiver Prop Replica with Custom Book of Law on Ebay!