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Limited Edition COWBOYS AND ALIENS Wrist Blaster Prop Replica

A heads up all you serious collectors out there, this is not one to miss!

NBC Universal produced 500 COWBOYS AND ALIENS Wrist Blaster prop replicas but only released 200 to the general public. 

This is a very rare movie weapon replica based on the wrist blaster weapon used by Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig) in director Jon Favreau’s sci-fi blockbuster Cowboys and Aliens.

Features include:

  • two switch-activated LED lights that simulate laser effects
  • attaches with an easy-to-secure velcro closure
  • comes packaged in an exclusive wooden Cowboys and Aliens storage box
  • is limited edition of only 200
  • made of lead-free zinc alloy.

I found one of these on Ebay for $159.99. You can check that out at the link below: 

Limited Edition COWBOYS AND ALIENS Wrist Blaster Prop Replica (via Ebay, $159.99)

Now, here’s the good news. If you’re thinking $159.99 is a good price for what is becoming a very rare collector’s piece, you’d be right. Which is why getting this  at nearly half that price is exceptional. And that’s what you can do right now via NBC Universal’s own official listing on Amazon at the link below: 

Cowboys & Aliens Wrist Blaster (via Amazon, $79.20)