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HELLRAISER Moveable Lament Configuration Puzzle Box Prop Replica

Ever wanted a replica puzzle box from HELLRAISER? Then check out this one by The Puzzle Box Shop who advertise it as “the most screen accurate version you will find.”

Using the designs from the original HELLRAISER film, each box is custom made upon order with mahogany (to 3 inches) and is then given a dark mahogany stain.

The faces are made out of very thin Brass (.005 inch) professionally etched through to reveal the mahogany beneath.

Each Movable Lament Configuration comes with a personalized signed Certificate of Authenticity from The Puzzle Box Shop that includes your name.

Watch a short video demonstration:


If you want one it’ll set you back $419.

Visit for more info or to order:

Hellraiser Moveable Puzzle Box Prop Replica at

And if you’re wondering, yes, this most certainly classes as a weapon – a weapon from hell!