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Freddy Krueger Glove Prop Replica (A Nightmare on Elm St)

Despite the fact that A NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST was released almost 30 years ago (yes, that’s right, the first film debuted in 1984), Freddy Krueger’s bladed glove is still a super cool movie prop to this day. It doesn’t hurt that they made a remake in 2010, or maybe it does, depending on whether or not you’re a fan of the remake.

In any case, this particular Freddy glove replica is a hand made, one of a kind reproduction of the original glove that has awesome written all over it.

It’s constructed out of solider copper, brass, and boasts laser cut steel. The glove itself is made of soft leather colored to look like the original glove by using a three color MIX dye and then dirtying the result. Note that the armature has been sealed so that no colors will rub off.

Features the original metal ball and wrist closure.

Size is medium sized glove and all fingers and knuckles are free moving.

The auctioneer is one who has been constructing hand-made Freddy Krueger gloves for 8 years. 

The price right now is $99.99 from a single bid which is a bargain.

If you want to bid yourself, learn more, or want to see a heap more images, go here: 

A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET – Freddy Krueger Glove Prop Replica (Auction)