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ALIENS VS PREDATOR (AVP) Wolf Predator Stapler Weapon Replica


Now this is pretty cool.

From what I can tell it’s an unlicensed, fan-made 1:1 Scale Wolf Predator Stapler modeled off the one used in Aliens vs Predator (AVP).

The seller doesn’t give a lot of info other than to say it’s modeled in 3DS Max and printed using a 3D printer. 

It is hand painted too.

I’m guessing as time rolls on collector’s are going to get the opportunity to lay there hands on more and more 3D printed collectibles that you can’t get any other way. Judging by the image for how pro this Wolf Predator Stapler appears, I’m going to say that’s not a bad thing at all!

Ebay is the only place to get this. The price is $100. The link you need is below, where you can also see how the prop looked as a 3D printed resin cast before being hand-painted: 

ALIENS VS PREDATOR (AVP) Wolf Predator Stapler Weapon ReplicA (via Ebay)