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ALIENS Colonial Marines Heckler & Koch VP-70 Pistol Replica

Here’s an interesting collectible for fans of James Cameron’s Aliens. 

It’s a Heckler & Koch VP-70 pistol, the same as that used by the Colonial Marines in the 1986 sci-fi film. According to the IMFDB, this gun is notably seen in the hands of Private Frost (Ricco Ross) just before the aliens attack. Cpl. Ferro (Colette Hiller) attempts to draw hers from its holster, but is unable to in time when an alien gets aboard her ship. Lieutenant Gorman (William Hope) uses one to shoot at aliens during the airshaft scene.

This one comes with a full color distressed and weathered wall plaque that has been clear coated with a matte finish.

The VP-70 itself is made from resin and can be removed from the display.

Now, I have no idea who made this. I’m guessing it’s a one of a kind, fan made display. The reason I’m posting it is because it’s gone up for auction on Ebay with a pretty low starting price of only $79.95, and I’m sure if you can get it for anything near that it will be great addition to any Aliens collection. Especially since the weapon itself looks pretty damn legit!

The link you need to bid or check out more images is below: 

ALIENS Colonial Marines Heckler & Koch VP-70 Pistol Replica