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THE SHADOW Phurba Dagger (United Cutlery)

United Cutlery once produced an officially licensed Phurba Dagger prop replica based on the Tri-blade Tibetan dagger that appeared in the 1994 film The Shadow that starred Alec Baldwin.

It stood at 14 1/4 inches, was made from solid metal with an antique brass finish, and featured a 420 stainless steel three sided blade. It’s unsharpened but believe me, you can do some damage with the point of this thing if you were silly enough to try!

The original came with a hardwood display stand and a 3-color brass medallion.

THE SHADOW Phurba Dagger is no longer made by United Cutlery and is sold out everywhere.

That said, it is still awesomely cool and seriously popular and does appear for sale secondhand on Ebay from time to time.

The link below will show you if there are any listings on Ebay for one right now:

THE SHADOW Phurba Dagger (Ebay)