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PREDATOR Knife Replica (Master Cutlery)

Entertainment Earth have just received a new shipment of Master Cutlery’s officially licensed Predator Knife Replica.

I believe this version was first released in 2008 (a year after the 20th Anniversary Edition version below).

The knife has a 14 3/4 inch stainless steel blade, a black, pakkawood handle. It measures 20 1/2 inches long in total and comes with a plain black wood display plaque.

If you want one it’ll cost you a reasonable $108.99 from EE.

This is where I’m compelled to say that I have a serious dislike of any prop replica that has the name of the movie slapped on it. I’d prefer my prop replica’s to be exact replica’s of the original – you can be sure this knife did not have PREDATOR written on the blade in the movie. 

I also need to point out that this prop replica is being marketed as the machete that Arnold Schwarzenegger used in the film (as the character Major “Dutch” Schaeffer). While true, Schwarzenegger used this for less screen time than other actors in the film who also used it. But I suppose he’s the bigger name for marketing purposes, so there you have it.

Most importantly, and something to be wary of, is the fact that I’m seeing this knife advertised incorrectly all over the place. EE have it as a “20th Anniversary Edition” Predator Knife which is not correct. The 20th Anniversary Predator Knife looks like this:

And here’s what it looks like with its display plaque:

I’m unable to find the 20th Anniversary Edition advertised by EE or anywhere for that matter, at least correctly. Ironically, there was a third version of this knife released by Master Cutlery, referred to as a Signature Edition Predator Knife. I found a 20th Anniversary Edition knife for sale on Amazon but under the title of Signature Edition – at least I think I did. Confused? Well, so am I, because either the advertisement has the wrong image or the wrong description. Assuming it’s the right image and the wrong description, you might be able to get the 20th Anniversary Knife for $109 at this link:

PREDATOR 20th Anniversary Knife Replica (advertised as a Signature Edition) on Amazon

Yes, that’s a big assumption, but for now I can’t find the 20th Anniversary Edition anywhere else.

Here’s an image of what the actual Signature Edition Predator Knife Prop Replica looks like:

Normally you could get the PREDATOR Dutch Signature Edition Knife at Entertainment Earth but as I write this they’re out of stock.

You can however get it on Amazon for $121. The link you need to an actual Dutch Signature Edition knife (and not one of the other editions falsely advertised) is below:

PREDATOR Dutch Signature Edition Knife Prop Replica on Amazon.

Note that the Signature Edition replica is a Limited Edition item of only 5,000 pieces, which kind of makes it the one to get in my eyes. The 20th Anniversary Edition replica was also limited to 5,000 pieces, but is quite difficult to find now.

Just to confuse you a little more, I found another link to a Signature Edition knife with an image of the 20th Anniversary Edition knife. If you’re specifically after the 20th Anniversary version, you might have luck at this link:

Japanese Swords 4 Samurai – Predator Knife Prop Replica