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Malcolm Reynolds Pistol Prop Replica (FIREFLY, SERENITY)

Here’s an awesome prop replica at a reasonably cheap price ($74.99) coming in April 2012 from Quantum Mechanix.

It’s a 1:1 scale polystone cast (with metal-plated parts) screen-accurate replica of Captain Malcolm Reynolds’ ‘Mal Pistol’ from the TV Series FIREFLY and the feature film SERENITY.¬†

It was created from the mold of the original Firefly/Serenity Pistol carried in the series and film by fan-loved actor Nathan Fillion.

Obviously non-firing, this prop replica is superbly detailed and includes hand-painted simulated wood grips and a weathered brass-style finish.

It measures 14″ long and comes with a black display base and two “floating” acrylic risers.

You can get it at the link below:

FIREFLY/SERENITY Malcolm Reynolds Pistol Prop Replica (at Entertainment Earth)

Note that Entertainment Earth don’t have this item listed as a limited edition, but most authorized QMx dealers do, so I’m going to err on the side of caution and call this a limited edition piece. In which case I’m also going to agree with the QMx authorized dealer selling this prop replica on eBay at the link below that this is going to sell out fast.

FIREFLY/SERENITY Malcolm Reynolds Pistol Prop Replica (on Ebay)