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Malcolm Reynolds Holster Artisan Replica (FIREFLY, SERENITY)

Ok, so imagine you’re a lucky FIREFLY and SERENITY fan who buys one of QMx’s awesome Malcolm Reynolds Pistol Prop Replica’s. Then imagine that you want to carry it in a holster that perfectly matches Mal’s own.

Well thanks to this prop replica you can. Well, I assume you can. Both this holster and QMx’s pistol are said to be perfectly to scale, so it makes sense that you can, although I should point out that the holster was produced before the prop replica pistol, so since neither were specifically made to suit the other don’t blame me if something goes pear-shaped in this idea…

Anyway, moving right along. This meticulously crafted Artisan Replica is a super high-quality prop replica of Malcolm Reynold’s holster recreated by the leading expert on Firefly props, Karl Derrick.

The holster is hand-stitched and made from oak-tanned steer leather and solid brass.

It’s also a Limited Edition item, limited to just 500 pieces worldwide – it comes with a unique serial number permanently embossed into the leather to ensure authenticity.

The pistol not included, so if you want the pistol check out QMx’s Malcolm Reynolds Pistol Prop Replica.

Karl Derrick has personally verified every aspect of this Mal Reynolds Holster Replica is a perfect match with the original screen-used holster rig.

Each replica holster is meticulously crafted by Karl himself in his United Kingdom leathersmithing shop, with the holster body and belt constructed entirely from 3.5mm heavyweight, oak-tanned steer leather.

The traditionally slow-tanned, full-grain leather comes from a small family tannery and is custom dyed to specifications. The two custom colors for the rig are recorded in the tannery’s dye formula book as ‘Malhogany’ for the holster and ‘Kind of Brown’ for the belt.

The holster’s graceful vintage lines draw the eye from the triple-thickness, businesslike reverse shank, past the rugged girth strap, following the heavy-duty but elegantly stitched main seam, to the traditional open muzzle.

For FIREFLY and SERENITY fans, this holster is a must. Get it at the link below for $425.95: 

FIREFLY SERENITY Malcolm Reynolds Pistol Holster Prop Replica