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John RAMBO Signature Edition Knife (Master Cutlery)

The John Rambo Signature Edition Knife Replica from Master Cutlery is my second favorite of all the Rambo knives released to date. My favorite is the standard edition as I feel the signature on the blade makes it less of an accurate replica weapon – however the Standard Edition is not limited or individually numbered, so there’s that.

This is the knife used by Sylvester Stallone in RAMBO IV. It was also partly designed by Stallone specifically for the film.

The replica has been hand-forged with a high carbon(1060) steel blade. Includes top grain genuine leather belt sheath with leg tie and a Certificate of Authenticity that looks like the one below (noting that the number in the image below is the promo image from Master Cutlery and not the actual number of the prop replica on Ebay!):

You can grab one from Ebay for US$143.10 at the following link:

John Rambo Signature Edition Knife Replica (on Ebay)

UPDATE: I’ve found this going real cheap at Entertainment Earth for only $105.99:

Rambo IV John Rambo Signature Edition Prop Replica (at Entertainment Earth)