BABYLON 5 Earthforce Phased Plasma Gun (PPG) Prop Replica (Nicksdad)

Check out this beautiful shot of a BABYLON 5 Earthforce Phased Plasma Gun (PPG) prop replica.

The shot comes from user C0mmand3rC0dy who put it up there for sale for $350 (it sold fast, as would be expected).

This weapon replica was originally a custom run kit by Nicksdad.

The gun is an all aluminum construction comprised of 17 machined components. Each component is secured with screws. Also boasts Pachmayr S&W “J” round frame handgun grips.

Add to that electronics (LED activated by trigger) and an Uncle Mike’s “Sidekick” hip holster.

I had to post the shot above as I sat and stared at it for around half an hour in a mixture of prop replica joygasm and complete “I missed out on getting it” sadness.

It’s a thing of beauty and a rare piece to find. 


  1. David

    I have one of these excellent pieces. The battery has run out. Does anyone know how to access the battery compartment please? I don’t even know where the compartment is, and not wishing to force the thing open and risk damaging, I thought I’d ask around.

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