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Dr. Grordbort’s “The Unnatural Selector” Miniature Ray Gun

Designed by Greg Broadmore and modeled by David Tremont, Dr. Grordbort’s Unnatural Selector is another stunning ray gun in Weta’s Dr Grordbort’s range of miniature rayguns.  

The Unnatural Selector measures 1ft in length (which is 1/4 the original weapon’s size) and is made from various metals as well as Venusian Worm Oak (a compound that contains traces of imitation wood) 

This weapon prop replica made its public debut at the San Diego Comic-Con back in 2009.

It comes on a stand embossed as THE UNNATURAL SELECTOR.

Limited Edition of only 1000.

Price: NZD $160.00.

View the product page here.

Note: The Unnatural Selector is Lord Cockswain’s weapon of choice, so it should be yours too.