Nick Fury Electronic Needle Gun

Take a look at Museum Replica’s prop replica of Nick Fury’s Electronic Needle Gun Prop Replica.

Made from aluminium and celebrating Marvel Comics’ S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury, this high-quality Electronic Needle Gun weapon replica includes special effects light and sound features.

It also comes complete with a polished hardwood display case with custom etched glass top.

The Nick Fury Electronic Needle Gun Prop Replica is pretty damn cool.

Want it? It’ll set you back US$199.99.

For more images and specs visit: Nick Fury’s Electronic Needle Gun Prop Replica

HELLBOY 2 ‘The Samaritan’ Revolver Replica

I love this 1:1 scale prop replica of ‘The Samaritan’, Hellboy’s awesome revolver from the film Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

This is one of those gun replica’s that I can stare at day after day and never get tired of.

Made with dense metal, a high-grade polyurethane grip and an authentic leather braid, the chamber comes with four metal bullets which can be removed (yes, the chamber can be opened).

The display stand features an engraved B.P.R.D logo and four bullet display spaces.

The round, red portion of the stand can be easily removed from the base to wall-mounted for alternate display.

Price: US $399.99 but you’re going to be very, very lucky to get one – it’s a limited edition item of only 850 and they’re all sold out.

The original page on Sideshow Collectibles is now gone and I can’t find one of these for sale anywhere. I’m going to keep looking though as I want…. 

DISTRICT 9 Assault Rifle Miniature

Another awesome Weta Workshop product – the official District 9: Assault Rifle Miniature weapon replica from Neill Blomkamp’s DISTRICT 9 movie.

Dimensions are perfectly 1/4 scale: 4.3″ x 10.2″ x 1.4″ (H x W x D) (note: dimensions and weight are for gun on stand).

The Assault Rifle in DISTRICT 9 was the first gun presented to Wikus van der Merwe (by the MNU scientists) at the underground shooting range at MNU headquarters. It makes short work of the porcine kadaver strung up for target practice.

Designed by Dr Grordbort’s designer Greg Broadmore and modelled on the actual props created by the artists and craftspeople at Weta Workshop.

Down to the oozing gunk at every coupling, this gun is detailed and battle worn as a piece of alien hardware would be after being traded by Nigerian gun runners since 1982.

Cast in solid white metal, the Assault rifle weighs in at 2.6lbs (1.2kg) and comes on a display stand.

This limited edition piece perfectly captures the ground breaking weapons design of DISTRICT 9 and is the first in Weta’s range of Miniature Guns from the film.

See more images and view product information here: District 9: Assault Rifle Miniature.

Dr. Grordbort’s “The Unnatural Selector” Miniature Ray Gun

Designed by Greg Broadmore and modeled by David Tremont, Dr. Grordbort’s Unnatural Selector is another stunning ray gun in Weta’s Dr Grordbort’s range of miniature rayguns.  

The Unnatural Selector measures 1ft in length (which is 1/4 the original weapon’s size) and is made from various metals as well as Venusian Worm Oak (a compound that contains traces of imitation wood) 

This weapon prop replica made its public debut at the San Diego Comic-Con back in 2009.

It comes on a stand embossed as THE UNNATURAL SELECTOR.

Limited Edition of only 1000.

Price: NZD $160.00.

View the product page here.

Note: The Unnatural Selector is Lord Cockswain’s weapon of choice, so it should be yours too.