Month: April 2012

Robocop Auto-9 Gun Prop Replica

How cool is this! From the original Robocop movie comes this prop replica of Robocop’s iconic Auto-9 sidearm.

Manufactured by NECA (National Entertainment Collectibles Assocation), Robocop’s Sidearm measures 14-inches long and is made of resin.

It’s a limited edition item of only 1,500, and comes mounted in its own shadow-box display. 

This particular one is brand new and has never been opened. It’s up for auction now!  

Robocop’s Auto-9 Sidearm Prop Replica (on Ebay)

DISTRICT 9 Miniature Arc Generator Prop Replica

This is an amazingly detailed replica of the Arc Generator gun used in Neill Blomkamp’s District 9.

This is a 10 inch replica designed by Dr Grordbort’s designer Greg Broadmore and modeled on the actual props created by the artists and craftspeople at Weta Workshop.

This gun comes battle worn, alien gunk oozing out of its couplings and all the scratches and markings you’d expect from tough action in District 9 and by handling by Nigerian gun runners.

It’s made of cast metal and sits on a display stand.

This is a Limited Edition prop replica of only 750.

It’s a replica of the 1:1 Scale Arc Generator which is now pretty hard to get. 

The price is $98.99 and the link you need to get it is below: 

District 9 Arc Generator Prop Replica from Entertainment Earth.

Bruce Boxleitner Signed TRON LEGACY Identity Disc Disney Replica Movie Prop

Bruce Boxleitner has signed this standard Tron Legacy Identity Disc prop replica.

This is a must-have for fans of Tron.

If you’re a fan of Tron you don’t need me to tell you who Bruce Boxleitner is.

While signing Bruce added the special inscription “TRON” next to his signature.

The disc comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and photo of Bruce signing.

Want it? Then hurry – there is only one signed Tron Legacy Identity Disc available that’s signed!

Bruce Boxleitner Signed TRON LEGACY Identity Disc Disney Replica Movie Prop (on Amazon for $64.99)

Resident Evil: Afterlife Throwing Stars Prop Replica

How cool are these? Officially licensed Mastery Cutlery prop replica of the Resident Evil: Afterlife throwing stars used by Alice (Milla Jovovich).

Limited edition of 2000 pieces worldwide.

Alice’s Throwing Stars are a a full sized and highly detailed prop replica. Included are three stars that bear the Umbrella Corp logo and comes complete with a display case and certificate of authenticity.

Display case measures about 10-inches wide x 6-inches tall.

Get them for $69.95 before they sell out. 

Resident Evil Alice Throwing Stars Prop Replica from Entertainment Earth

Sucker Punch Sword Prop Replica

Here we’ve got an officially licensed Master Cutlery produced Sucker Punch sword prop replica.

This is a full sized, highly detailed replica of the Katana used by Baby Doll (Emily Browning) in Zack Snyder’s fantasy film.

Features a stainless steel blade that is engraved with the same symbology as the one seen in the movie.

Also features a rayskin wrapped handle, ornate guard and gold snowflakes on the scabbard.

Measures approximately 43-inches long.

Limited edition of 2,000 pieces, includes a certificate of authenticity.

Comes with collectible box packaging. 

Want one? It’ll set you back a mere $154.99 at the link below: 

Sucker Punch Sword Prop Replica from Entertainment Earth.